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Our Favourite Hosting Companies

Choosing a good hosting company is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your website.

A good web hosting company will provide a reliable service at a cost effective monthly or annual subscription fee. A poor hosting company will oversell their servers, meaning your website loads slowly and suffers from various performance issues as a result – including lost rankings in Google – so choose wisely!

Who Do Quandary Use?

We currently use Heart Internet to host most of our client’s sites. While not infallible, in terms of cost versus performance they’re one of the best hosting companies we’ve used in our over twenty years of launching web sites.

We’ve also used Rackspace – who are definitely at the more expensive end of the hosting spectrum, but the service they provided was incredible. If your business is absolutely reliant on your website (for example if you run an SaaS) then they could be a wise choice.

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