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Powerful Productivity Tools: Work Smarter, Faster

Here are some excellent resources that will help you get things done faster and more efficiently than your competitors.

Online Collaboration Tools.

We use SmartSheet to share data between team members, and also to securely store and access key data ‘in the cloud’—so we can get it anywhere with an Internet Connection.

At it’s heart, SmartSheet is an online spreadsheet app, similar to Google Docs. However, it has some really powerful features under the hood which make it extremely powerful for sharing and managing task based data. Definitely worth a look.

Process Automation.

Zapier is an amazing service that allows you to connect different online services so that when something happens, it can automatically trigger something else to happen.

A sister company of ours uses Zapier to automatically send an SMS text message to a physical alarm system at predefined times of day. Another company uses Zapier to automatically add new website enquiries into a second separate online service for the sales team to work on. And so on.

It’s a technical service, but thoughtful implementation could realise huge cost savings in your business.

A similar service is IFTTT, which may also be worth a look if you want to try and reduce the number of unnecessary procedures in your company.

File Storage, Backup & Sharing.

Perhaps a tad dramatic, but we couldn’t survive without Dropbox.

We use it to share files with our JV partners and service providers. We use it to automatically backup our critical files, and also automatically take snapshots of files as we work on them. We use it to access files remotely, which is really handy when you find yourself needing to refer to a contract or legal file when you’re on the other side of the world.

Whether or not you’re using Google Drive, check out Dropbox. Simply brilliant.

Automatic WordPress Website Backup.

We use the fabulously simple BlogVault service to backup our own and our client’s WordPress websites.

Just like most things we recommend, we tried loads of alternatives before settling on this solution to the problem of having a reliable backup in place. If you’re ever unlucky enough to have your website ‘hacked’, or simply needs reverting to a prior version, you’ll be incredibly thankful BlogVault’s been quietly working away in the background every day.

There are tonnes of other WordPress plug-ins and external backup services, but out of the one’s we’ve tried BlogVault is definitely the best and their customer service is excellent too.

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