Lead Generation Micro-site

A website design package ideal for companies with a tight budget but who need to generate sales-leads online.

Get a well-designed sales-lead generating website that looks like it had a budget ten times larger. Our fixed price web design service represents incredible value for money.

Expert Design

The first few seconds someone arrives on your website are the most important, because if it looks cheap or poorly designed most people will just click the Back button and immediately leave!  We make sure your website instantly catches the attention and interest of as many visitors as possible, which in turn maximises the number of people who stay to enquire about your products and services.

Fully Editable

Your lead generation site will be built using WordPress, which is the World's Most Popular 'Content Management System'. One of the main reasons it's so popular is it's easy as well as powerful. You can add, edit or delete text, pictures and even sound clips and videos anytime you want, without having to pay anyone either!

Sales-lead Generation

We build data capture forms that visitors can enter their details into, to automatically become a sales-lead for you and your reps to sell to.

This facility also allows you to add, Edit and Customise additional new data capture forms for online sales lead generation, enquiry capture, technical support, sales and customer service.

Even better, we can configure Routing Rules, so that depending on the nature of the enquiry, the captured data can be emailed to different people within your company. This saves time, ensures the relevant sales-people respond to enquiries faster and reduce overheads by avoiding unnecessary extra communication.

Google Friendly

Your site will include special 'Search Engine Optimisation' features that give you every chance of getting your site listed above your competitors in Google's search engine results, as well as those of other search engines too.

Compelling Content

It's always critical to realise that not matter how good it looks, a website will only ever generate enquiries if it features persuasive content. To this end your site can include any or even all of the following powerful features...

  • HOMEPAGE - An eye-catching homepage design, incorporating your company logo and brand identity.
  • PRODUCTS & SERVICES - We will create a site with up to 10 beautifully designed pages featuring your products and services, and you can add as many as you want after launch too.
  • LEAD CAPTURE - including an Enquiry Form for data capture, and integrated Google Map.
  • BLOG - allowing you to add unlimited number of additional pages after launch, keeping in touch with your customers and clients and making Google like your site more than your competitors.
  • RESPONSIVE - The sites we build automatically adapt to visually suit whatever device they're being viewed on, and look great on mobile phones as well as desktop PCs
  • TRACK VISITORS - We will register and install Google Analytics, so you can keep tabs on how many people are visiting your website and where from.
  • VIDEO TRAINING - Easy to follow training videos will show you and your staff every aspect of how to add, edit, update and delete your webpages anytime you want.
  • USER MANUAL - A comprehensive written training manual is also available. Both the video resources and written manual are kept up to date with the latest version of WordPress.

For the level of features, design and speed of turnaround (depending on availability, our team can get sites like this built for you within two weeks) you would normally expect to pay up to £5,000 or more.

However, we offer a fixed price service—you get all of the above for £1,997+vat, and we guarantee there are no hidden extras or additional costs, that you'll be amazed by the level of service you get, and that you'll be delighted with the end-results too.

Contact Us for Demonstration

We could provide links to dozens of live examples of these kind of sites, but that wouldn't be fair to our clients (who quite understandably don't want their competitors to discover their lead-generation secrets!)

A well built lead-generation website could be one of the best investments you ever make in terms of online marketing for your company.

Get in touch and we'll be happy to show you live examples of our client's lead generation websites, and explain the kinds of results you can expect.

Is this for me?

This service is either for clients who have a very limited budget, or for those who need to generate sales-leads for a specific (single) product or service. We will create a new standalone website that is completely separate from your main company website.
If you want a 'luxury' website that beats your competitors in terms of branding, design, multi-media and interactive features please check out our Corporate Website Design service.