10 Reasons Why You Should Be E‑mail Marketing

If your business isn’t doing any broadcast e‑mail marketing, then you could have an amazing opportunity waiting for you.

Done effectively, it could have a huge effect of your firms ability to convert enquirers into paying customers and clients.

Here are ten of the most compelling reasons why…

Reason 1: It’s very easy to get started.

Within the next hour or two you can start e‑mail marketing, even if you have only a small amount of technical expertise. The best online services make it super-easy to get started.

Reason 2: Low cost to get set up in e‑mail marketing.

Some of the best e‑mail services only require a small monthly subscription, and don’t limit how many e‑mail broadcasts you can send out each month.

An e-mail broadcast is similar to the e-mails you currently send, with the key difference being that instead of sending an email to just one other person, you can instead instantly send the same emails to hundreds of thousands of your customers, clients and enquirers.

The only cost caveat is that when you get to the really big numbers, in terms of e‑mail subscribers, the monthly subscription may increase… but the costs are so low per individual e‑mail it still remains a virtually free way to instantly communicate with many people, effortlessly.

Reason 3: It’s a powerful way of increasing traffic to your website

Without traffic (visitors) a web site is dead on its feet. Many small business owners who we’ve surveyed over the last few years have told me that getting traffic to their website is their number one challenge.

They can’t work out how to get more people to their site. Well it’s very easy! You just need to subscribe to a good email marketing service, and then start collecting the names and e‑mail addresses of your prospects and existing customers and clients—just be sure to ask their permission so you can send them promotional emails without breaking any ‘spam’ laws.

Then by sending them e‑mails that have links within them, those people then click to come back to your website. When you do that your website traffic instantly increases.

Reason 4: Response can be instant.

Let’s say you send an e‑mail out to 1000 customers and there’s a link to a web page they can click to go buy something. You can almost guarantee that if you have a good relationship with your subscribers (i.e. if they like hearing from you), then you’re going to get near instant sales, or at least take them one step closer to a buying decision.

Reason 5: It can increase brand recognition.

If you’ve invested a lot of money in creating a corporate brand and you want to strengthen it, then you absolutely should be using e‑mail to communicate regularly with customers and clients.

Each time they get well written and well designed e‑mails from you, your brand is being strengthened. It’s a lot cheaper than trying to increase brand recognition using other methods.

Reason 6: It can increase customer loyalty and retention.

Not only does e‑mail strengthen brands, but every time you do effective e‑mail marketing, customers will feel more loyal and will be on average, prepared to stay with you longer than your competitors who are not doing effective e‑mail marketing. It reduces customer attrition.

Reason 7: It can be used to nurture prospects.

You can use e‑mail to launch new products and services. So if you’re selling expensive products and services, e‑mails can be used as another communication channel leading up to that sale.

Even if the item is being sold off line—over the telephone or face to face—you can then send an e‑mail which precedes that phone call or face to face meeting, to nurture those prospects, and to increase their understanding of what you’re offering.

That is very powerful because e‑mail is so low cost. You do not have to send print campaigns or cold-call prospects. You can use virtually free e‑mails to warm prospects up to a future phone call or face to face visit.

Reason 8: Other people can promote you—at no expense to either them or you.

Asking other companies to promote you to their e‑mail subscribers is a very powerful way of growing a business. E‑mail is an incredibly powerful communication channel for this type of promotion. Yes, you can perform third party promotions or ‘joint ventures’ offline, but it can cost a lot of money to send letters, postcards, faxes and phone calls to large numbers of people.

With e‑mail you can get other people promoting you to their customers at zero cost.

Reason 9: It can be 100% automated.

You can have e‑mails going out to customers, clients, or prospects automatically, to a predefined schedule. You can write a chain or sequence of e‑mails that introduce additional products or services or maybe provide more information about a product or service that somebody has inquired about.

E‑mails can be written in advance and stacked up in a schedule to go out automatically to people who request them. (NB: This type of e‑mail technology is called an autoresponder and it’s a very powerful tactic. More about that in a future article.)

Reason 10: It can be scientifically tracked and optimized.

If you’re spending money on e‑mail marketing, writing and designing e‑mails and sending them to customers and prospects, you can scientifically track how much money each campaign is generating. You can then use that data to refine your marketing still further.

So, those are ten very compelling reasons why you should be using e‑mail marketing. In fact let me just throw in a ‘bonus’ reason about what makes e‑mail marketing so good…

Reason 11: Savvy entrepreneurs are using e‑mail marketing to build multi-million pound (and dollar) businesses.

Using nothing more than what I call a list-building landing page, combined with affiliate e‑mail marketing, (which means promoting other people’s products and services in return for a commission) some entrepreneurs have managed to build multi-million dollar businesses by doing nothing other than sending e‑mails. Effective e‑mail marketing is that powerful.

Any business that has even a small percentage of enquirers, customers and clients who are able to receive e‑mails has great things in store for them.

How to Get Started

Sign up for one of the best email marketing services available – you’ll get step-by-step training on how to set everything up. It’s relatively painless, and the benefits for your business are as above… extremely compelling! 

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