Expense or Investment?

If I said “Give me £10,000 and I’ll give you £20,000″… would you say no?

Obviously not!

So, if I said that for £10,000 I’ll build you a website that is guaranteed to generate two or three times (or more) that sum in new sales and enquiries… would you say no?

Again – of course not. It’s a “no-brainer” as they say.

So why do so many business owners quibble over spending even a few thousand pounds on a professional web design, when the reason they’re asking for a website is because they want more sales and enquiries?

Asking the Right Questions.

In terms of experience, most business owners who view websites as an expense, have never had a web site that’s generated significant levels of new business for them.

Otherwise they’d be viewing it as an investment, not an expense.

Once you experience just what a well designed and effectively promoted web site can do for your business, it very much shifts the focus from “How much will it cost me?”, to “How much money will it make my business?”

Secondly, how do you know you can trust your web design company to deliver a website that actually increases your sales and enquiries?

Easy. The next time you contact a web design company, don’t ask “How much will it cost me?”

Instead, ask them to review your online opportunities for business generation, and ask them to estimate the Return On Investment (ROI).

A professional web designer won’t bawk at that question.

They’ll be able to give you at least a rough estimate of your expected ROI, based on the cost of attracting traffic (visitors) to your site, and the number of sales leads and enquiries those visitors will generate.

In conjunction with an estimated Conversion Rate Percentage (CR% — a critical concept which we’ll explore in our next article) you’ll have a good idea of how much their creation is going to support your business goals.

Remember; Next time you start getting web design companies to quote you for a new website, realise that investing in what may seem like an ‘expensive’ website could  turn out to be one of the best investments you make for your business—providing you ask the right questions of course!

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